“We need to move from ‘business as usual’ to ‘business unusual’ if we are to have any chance of achieving the #GlobalGoals. 足彩推荐软件app排名必须以更大的紧迫性采取行动.——保罗·波尔曼


UBQ Materials加入了2030年零能耗运动, declaring a climate emergency and setting a roadmap for immediate carbon reduction.


The Net Zero 2030 movement positions UBQ to demonstrate its commitments by participating in the most aggressive climate action effort. We believe it would be a breach of our duties as executives of the company and custodians of our stakeholders’ interests to sit back and ignore the reality in front of us in a time of crucial importance.


“地球上没有乘客. 足彩推荐软件app排名都是船员.——马歇尔·麦克卢汉


UBQ是一个 B公司认证. We are part of the global community of businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, 透明度, 和法律责任. / 3,世界上有000个B公司, hailing from more than 70 countries and 150 industries, are harnessing the power of business to solve major social and environmental challenges facing the world today, 包括气候危机.

B公司运动是关于领导力的. 所有B公司签署a 相互依存宣言 stating the belief that all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered. . . . and thus we are responsible for each other and future generations. 作为 B公司气候团体, we are working together to take action on the climate emergency. We recognize the unique and powerful role that we play as purpose-driven businesses to reverse climate change.


“So, you could call me optimistic and hopeful and probably just a little bit naïve, but I’m coming from the space that the best way to predict the future is to get out there and do it yourself.” – John Elkington


宣布气候紧急状态只是一个开始. UBQ has mapped a framework of action to guide its business in the upcoming years.



  • 提交 在2030年之前实现碳中和, 在旅途中有现实的阶段性里程碑, including science based targets and timely reporting our progress.
  • 调整 足彩推荐软件app排名的商业模式和公司的短, medium and long-term strategy to align with B公司认证 and Net Zero 2030 commitments.
  • 拥抱 the principles of ‘just transition’ in UBQ’s operations, which take into account people who will be implicated in this Declaration. This includes the impact of UBQ’s actions on our stakeholders– shareholders, 员工, 供应商, 客户和足彩推荐软件app排名经营的社区.


“Never has science around the world been so abundant to meet the challenges that we have.” – 伊曼纽尔长音符号

Making the planet a little greener, one product at a time.

足彩推荐软件app排名是一种生物基产品, 气候积极, and recyclable material that can replace conventional plastics in the manufacturing of everyday products.




足彩推荐软件app排名 is actually made from unsorted household waste – everything from chicken bones and dirty diapers to banana peels, 纸张及混合塑料. 通过转移这些注定要填埋的废物, 足彩推荐软件app排名可防止甲烷的排放, 地下水渗漏等环境危害. 每生产一吨足彩推荐软件app排名可预防11.污染地球产生了7吨二氧化碳. 生命周期评估 auditors Quantis designated 足彩推荐软件app排名 as “The Most Climate Positive Thermoplastic Material on the Market”.

在最近的白皮书中定义循环经济, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation identified three core tenets:

  1. 设计杜绝浪费和污染
  2. 确保产品和使用材料的安全
  3. 再生的自然系统

The 足彩推荐软件app排名 proprietary waste conversion process is a target technology in the constellation and definition of how we see the circular economy going from theory to practice. UBQ has the potential to not only address the waste epidemic, valorizing waste so it does not pollute — it also provides a renewable material for the global trade market. UBQ has found a viable solution to feed the growing market demand of materials while emptying landfills and saving finite natural resources for future generations.


“Although the magnitude of climate change may make individuals feel helpless, 个人行动对于有意义的改变至关重要.——米娅·阿姆斯特朗


这个声明, UBQ Materials recognizes that the climate emergency requires immediate and radical action. We hope that this public commitment encourages our peers, colleagues and industry partners to take their own actions that will positively contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and society.


是时候大胆而紧迫地采取行动了. 加入足彩推荐软件app排名!


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